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Thunderstorms & lightning bolts

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It rained today. It wasn’t the clean kind of rain you hear about in stories. It was dirty. The sky slowly changed from a grey blue, to yellow, and finally to brown. The light reflecting off the dirt particles in the water turned it brown.

It was an interesting sky to say the least. It’s hard to say what kind of feelings this sky invoked. To just hear about it, one might assume disgust…. But that wasn’t it. I felt romantic and alive as I sat out in the thunderstorm. This wasn’t fake rain. It was real rain.

This was real life.

I sat for several minutes in the thunderstorm, listening to the rain. It’s strange how heavy rain can lull me to sleep. But just as I was drifting off, a loud crack shook me awake.

No, a lightning bolt didn’t strike us…a few 100 feet away from us. I had my eyes closed, so I didn’t see the flash, but my friend did. We sat in silence as we felt a change in the air. It became dangerous.

But still we sat, facing the storm, waiting it out.

I sit here now, with my friends in the same rain, though the sky has since gone dark. Now it’s time for the calmer rain, the rain that gently washes away the damage of the earlier thunderstorm. The sky will be blue again tomorrow.


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