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Convinced that thinking is a skill that needs to be nurtured, I go through life looking for a good debate, a good read, a good problem, or a good question. My definition of happiness includes discomfort, I consider myself a change lover, and education is one of my biggest concerns at the moment. I'm also an avid-reader, an above-average yo-yoist, an enthusiastic rule-breaker and many other hyphenated descriptors. I'm an absolute cheese addict (whose main goal is to meet every single person on the planet). You know you want to know more - click here »

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Neon lights

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Neon lights oh so brights
Can you tell neon wants a fight
Got neon in my sights
Knock out neon lights
Say negativity
Fight me you aint got the energy
Synergy back of
You turning the color of pee
Neon shines
Neon be all mines
Neon run and hides
Neon lights I will find
Neon thinks it takes the shows
Knock down so fast
Neon lights think it glows
My lights so hot
Don’t mean to gloat and boast
Go with it and leave you toast
Burnt to a crisp
That’s it take a few sips
Get drunk and lis
Neon lights will not be missed


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