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Convinced that thinking is a skill that needs to be nurtured, I go through life looking for a good debate, a good read, a good problem, or a good question. My definition of happiness includes discomfort, I consider myself a change lover, and education is one of my biggest concerns at the moment. I'm also an avid-reader, an above-average yo-yoist, an enthusiastic rule-breaker and many other hyphenated descriptors. I'm an absolute cheese addict (whose main goal is to meet every single person on the planet). You know you want to know more - click here »

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...I'm interested in exploring ways to live an authentic lifestyle, becoming a globalized yet self-sufficient and independent individual, free from the bondage of fear. The only thing in life you can control is you, your actions, and what you give. I aim to live life genuinely through these words. In my ample free time I also act as an advisor to early-stage start-ups as well as companies “on the bubble". I have experience building start-ups, working at them, tweaking, fixing and developing campaigns for them. I've also held other jobs such as: Chinese food delivery guy, concierge, hockey scorekeeper, ghost writer and valet.

Being the interesting being that I am, I'm sure you'd like to connect with me. You can do so via the following options:
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