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The mind of a soldier

Saturday, June 12, 2010

As I sit here today unable to walk or use my hands, I've come to realize how much of a major role those 12 weeks of boot-camp have played in keeping my mind positive and strong. This one goes out to all the young minds protecting our world.

He just 18 age of years
12 weeks and he has no fears
Walks tall and opens a new door
18 and he ready for war
On a ship yea it can sink
He has a gun but he can't drink
He’s armed with a blade
Quick with a grenade
Don't think twice when life can fade
He down and ready for a raid
He commands respect and listens to every word said
He fought odds when he was raised
Now he in the middle as bullets graze
Smoke and dust leaves a haze
He shows no fear every single day
Fights for what he believes in anyway
Chin up regardless of what people say
Even when bombs are under way
He fights for honor and beliefs not the pay
Tries to make light
Even when the skies are gray


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