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Penguin rap

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lyrics by MC Twin

YO I’m a Penguin
I’m just a Penguin YO!
In Spanish that’s Yo Soy un Penguino       
It don’t matter that I can’t fly
I can swim and slide on my side
I have blubber on my body
I spend my time flying through the sea waters
I’ll take all your daughters

Listen to the beak as I speak
Cus it’s the Penguin RAP

I’m just a Penguin YO!
That Waddles
Waddle Waddle Waddle Waddle What!

Polar Bears, Whales, Walruses all bow down
To the Only Bird that Wears This Crown
I’m a Penguin Son
Just ask my sons

Oh here comes another one
Plop, Hi Daddy

I swim all day and eat delish fish
I don’t even need a dish

I’ve got all the ice
Being a Penguin sure is nice

Iceberg in the
Cus Yo I’m a Penguin
I’m Just a Penguin
That Waddles
Waddle Waddle Waddle Waddle What!


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