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Caught on Oil

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My take on the current Gulf of Mexico (renamed – Gulf Oil) is as follows:
  1.  The oil coated bird in the photograph above is at the top of the food chain. All the plants, fish, and animals in the Gulf that aren't seen are dead or dying. The elimination of these creatures is also working it's way up the food chain which will result in a reduction in those creatures that may survive
  2. The creatures that are rescued and de-oiled - where do they go when released back into the wild; instinctively, back to their nesting grounds- and re-coated with oil.
  3. The waters in the Gulf warm the east coast beaches by their currents – east coast – oil is on its way north.
  4. According to ecologists in Alaska, the coast line is still coated in oil just below the surface 20 years after the Exxon Valdez “spill”, so expect the Gulf oil to be around for decades to come (where's it going to go); it sticks to the plant life in the coast marsh lands.
  5. Fishermen's livelihood in the Gulf - GONE; and all secondary businesses – boat repair, local restaurants, etc.- GONE.
  6. Resort beach towns along Gulf - reduced to short-viewing tourist attractions for those wanting to view “up close” - empty deserted oily beaches.
  7. New regulations for off-shore drilling - dampened by oil company lobbyist who promote continuing self policing
  8. World wide gas consumption - continued increase demand with China & India prosperity and expansion.
  9. Environmental impact beyond the Gulf - significant to other oceans beyond Atlantic; as well as U.S. rivers; ships that get coated in oil will disperse oil over much of the world oceans.
  10. Future life - unknown, but not enhanced by the free flow of oil from the Gulf today and other “spills/leaks” in the future. Unknown effects on air, salt water, water, soil, plant life (both in water and on land) as well as the rest of the food chain, but I suspect it probably is not and will not provide positive results. 
Additional note: We have self destructed on our own. No one can fix the damage done and continuing to be done. Irreversible. Mankind has started the downward destruction of itself and is taking other life forms down with it. Or am I dreaming and is everything alright? I think I'll lean toward “dreaming” and know everything will be put back as it was. The president of BP has said so in TV ads costing millions of dollars and the US president has said he will hold BP responsible to repair the damages to land and sea so I'm planning to sleep better since seeing and hearing their assurances. Thank you for such wonderful news, I am truly comforted and am strengthened by your resolve. BP please keep the TV ads coming, double their play and spend those advertising dollars; and US politicians please continue showing your anger and showing up with an oily bird, fish, dolphin, or soon, maybe a whale or two. Even wipe down a bird or two when on camera and then I'll know you're really serious and willing to chip in and put everything back to normal. THANK YOU!

From an (anthropologist) friends point of view, I would say that the best thing you can do for the world at an individual level is be an informed consumer. Know what you buy, what you use, where it comes from, and the impact each product and service has on other people and the environment. Your money is your power, your voice. Make as much as you can, and direct it to places that are improving the world. Be educated so that you know what improvement really means. Redefine consumption from an informed point of view. Without demand, there is no production. Quit placing financial power in the hands of those with no social or environmental conscience, and support those individuals/companies who base decisions on a bigger picture than (selfish?) profit.


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