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Convinced that thinking is a skill that needs to be nurtured, I go through life looking for a good debate, a good read, a good problem, or a good question. My definition of happiness includes discomfort, I consider myself a change lover, and education is one of my biggest concerns at the moment. I'm also an avid-reader, an above-average yo-yoist, an enthusiastic rule-breaker and many other hyphenated descriptors. I'm an absolute cheese addict (whose main goal is to meet every single person on the planet). You know you want to know more - click here »

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Voices ongoing in my head
Can’t seem too stop them
Thoughts as thick as lead
Thinking so much my brain bled
Stress struggles and shit just shed
Voices in my head leave and be led
Every day is new so do not dread
Get an education is what you read
Rip up the pages from the book
Have you glance and take a look
Voices tell me to rap like I'm a crook
Stealing the show and I ain't even booked
Have all amateurs scared and shook
Got all the people in the world hooked
Wondering what the next line is
Have them singing along like their mine
It’s all good, all fine
I kill it on every line
Rhyming fast rhyming blind
Rhymes hardcore leave you in a bind
Confused dazed voices rap for days
Lyrics come easy I must says


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