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Convinced that thinking is a skill that needs to be nurtured, I go through life looking for a good debate, a good read, a good problem, or a good question. My definition of happiness includes discomfort, I consider myself a change lover, and education is one of my biggest concerns at the moment. I'm also an avid-reader, an above-average yo-yoist, an enthusiastic rule-breaker and many other hyphenated descriptors. I'm an absolute cheese addict (whose main goal is to meet every single person on the planet). You know you want to know more - click here »

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The time

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How and when is your time
Gotta sit back and prioritize
Be strong and dreams you’ll realize
Look and pay attention to your eyes
Stay true and learn not to tell lies
Learn to live and love life
When shit gets tough
Just look up and rise above the hype
Ignore if you don’t wanna be sterotype
Live strong and learn to be ripe
Have a long life and live it right
Times get tough learn to fight
Not with violence but with strife
Words can be powerful and its your time
Grab it squeeze it scream its mine
Of course everything isn’t always fine
Learn to trust but don’t be blind
Crush people who don’t trust
People that don’t love
Toss and thrust
Waste your time with that watch your life bust
Add rust and catch a wind of gust
Leave that shit all up in the dust


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