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In my head!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Have you ever wanted to scream everything you had locked up in your head?

Have you ever been so angry that you just wanted to burst out and tell everyone exactly what you think? I've been known to do this every now and then, but of late the urge has been constant. Socially it's not acceptable. I sit and watch as people live trying to change the world to their liking and how angry they get to see there's nothing they can really about it. Sometimes I want to just be able to say what I want without censoring myself.

I would like to tell people how wrong they can be for the things they say. I want to yell at my friends for constantly telling me to fix my life by their mistakes, just because they messed up does not mean I am messing up. I want to tell people that they have to live with change - it is a part of life. People grow, make mistakes, and they pass on. Life changes, life goes on and people should not be the way they are.

I want to tell the ignorant people that there is no room for them in this world. Everyone is so up in everyone else's business to even stop and realize how messed up their own life is. People are too busy trying to impress everyone around them...what they should be doing is trying to please themselves. We are in debt because of everyone wanting to have what they can not afford. Our world is in danger and people think it is everyone else's fault.

I do not want to be forced to make decisions that everyone else wants. I am sick to death of people trying to control me, they can all go to hell, they can all just leave me alone. I want to tell everyone to back off and a few other choice words that I can not say right now.

But I sit quietly and I do not say anything. I smile politely and nod my head as I sit and listen to everyone tell me how to live my life. Truth is - most people out there just want to bring you down and never build you up. So I sit and block them out and smile because I know what I am going to do and I know who I am. I will not let them run my life, but raise above it. I can not scream so I sit here quietly and smile at the wisdom I have.

Wow! Now that felt good!


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